Why is Australia participating in Eurovision?

Australia A hole was made in the final Eurovision. The question is why if not a country geographically located in Europe.

He is not the only one. This also happens to Israel, which enters the festival for being an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). This does not happen with AustraliaYour situation is very different.

It is not a European country and is not a member of EBUSo why is Australia participating in Eurovision?

From being a country invited to the semi-finals

His debut in the competition was in 2015, but he did it exceptionally well as it was visitor by the organization on the occasion 60th Anniversary of the Festival.

This invitation was submitted by big fans That Eurovision has in this country, averaged 2.7 million viewers since the festival began broadcasting in 1983.

A year later, in 2016, the organization again confirmed Australia’s participation but this time it would have to qualify like the rest of the countries Semi-final passes. Due to the success of these two entries, the European Broadcasting Union decided that Australia would participate in Eurovision until 2023.

Australia’s best Eurovision result was in 2016 with the song yessound of silence from Damy im Achieve second place in the table.

Sheldon Riley ‘Not The Same’, Australia’s proposal for 2022

2022 marks Australia’s sixth Eurovision participation and it does so with a young candidate, Sheldon Riley, whose story moved the surrounding country. Sheldon has become known for participating in several talent shows of the country, but it wasn’t until his third engagement when he really succeeded.

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23 years suffers from Asperger’s disease, The condition he was about to throw in the towel over so many times. “They told me I wouldn’t talk or socialize or get a real job or even a job.Acting like a normal personHe explained to British media.

Fortunately, accepting himself was what made him progress and be able to shine: “When I realized I was fine, I became a social butterfly And everything went well.”

Riley made his suggestion Not the same At the local festival Australian decides -is similar to Benidorm Festival– where he swept and was selected as a candidate. Note that this song He wrote it when he was 15 in a Facebook postAnd it wasn’t until he was nineteen that he decided to turn it into a song.

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