Why is Australia called OZ and Australians are called “Aussies”?

Despite its massive extension of 7,741,220 square kilometres, and 26 million people registered in the countryAustralia is particularly famous for its islands, beaches, surfing culture, nature and the kangaroos that dot their habitat.

In fact, another distinct aspect of this Oceanian country that sets it apart from others is the demonym that is used to refer to them. The selected word isaussie, which is pronounced “ozzies” and after all refers to an Australian demonym, despite the abbreviated word. In fact, the name of the country is also often abbreviated and instead of Australia it is also called “Aus”, which in terms of pronunciation would be something like “Ozstrelia” and “OZ”.

in Australia is spoken by more than 200 languages ​​and dialects, plus 45 native languages. The most common is English, although other languages ​​such as Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Mandarin are also spoken. Its population is closely associated with sports, to the point where 70% of its residents frequently participate in sporting activities.

They are people who are given to abbreviate all kinds of words, hence the pronunciation Shortening of “Oz” from “Ozstralia” Rather than calling themselvesAustraliansThey refer to themselves.Aussies“according to the gate”Go study AustraliaHowever, demonym is not the only word they use for abbreviation when speaking. The same thing happens when greeting.

Other shortened phrases by Australians

Australians are more likely to greet each other by saying G day instead of saying ‘Welcome’ during the day and night. It is an expression accompanied by the word ‘Companion‘ (my friend). A more friendly and colloquial manner when speaking to people. They also do the same thing with the expression “Good for you, good for you“to express approval with a gesture, which changes to an abbreviation”good ya“.

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To show gratitude towards someone for a particular action, instead of saying ‘Thank youabbreviate said expression in “TA”. Another curiosity related to this oceanic country is the colloquial and informal nomenclature of the word barbecue. On this occasion, they use the word “Barbie” at the expense of the word “barbecue”, according to the Internet.Education first“.

Their selection is known as soccerros(a mixture of the words “soccer” and “kangaroo”)Australia is participating in its sixth World Cup. Prior to Qatar, they also played in the World Cups in West Germany in 1974, Germany 2006, 2010 in South Africa, 2014 in Brazil, and 2018 in Russia. Directed by Australian Football – its association – and affiliated to the Asian Football Confederation, its best result came in the 2006 World Cup.

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