Why does ransomware target French hospitals?

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What means do Internet hackers use to gain access to computer systems?


I hope there aren’t a lot of experts in this matters reading to me, because I’m about to oversimplify a lot.

First, the pirate must find a portal. Basically, it can be of three types: either it is a recovered username / password, for example, through a malicious email masquerading as, for example again, a colleague (this is called phishing). Armed with this information, they can access the company’s intranet, one of its email accounts … Many hackers also exploit vulnerabilities in certain equipment, especially those that allow employees to work remotely (VPNs in particular). Many hackers also use emails that contain an attachment or link that contains a virus that allows them to enter computer systems.

Once in, the groups behind the ransomware program strive to inflict as much damage as possible on their victims to increase their chances of getting a ransom. So they explore the computer system, looking for the most sensitive equipment, and the most important information, until they penetrate deeply into their victim’s network. Once in this position, they can activate their own ransomware.

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