How do you hide your appearance on WhatsApp and make it invisible? (Offline now) for iPhone and Android

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging application, which allows you to send text messages, make phone calls and video calls to friends and family in different countries without paying international fees, and WhatsApp usually allows everyone to view your online status, but it is easy to change the settings for this application And if you hide your online status on WhatsApp, you will also not be able to see the connection status of other people, but we will learn how to hide your appearance on WhatsApp and make it invisible, because many people are always looking for how to activate this service, as there are many intruders who You do not want to communicate with them, and they take advantage of your presence on WhatsApp and send annoying messages to you, and therefore the WhatsApp application has added the feature to prevent you from appearing in WhatsApp and hide the green mark that suggests to WhatsApp users that you are connected now, which causes you a lot of inconvenience and this is the feature that came We explain it to solve this problem.

How to hide your appearance on WhatsApp and make it invisible

The app has specific privacy settings that allow any user to know the last time you used the app (last seen), as well as your profile picture, information about your status, and reading receipts. You have it next to their name, and although WhatsApp makes your status visible to everyone, it is possible to change it.

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Whatsapp online status lets you know the last time the contacts were active, and if they are currently using whatsapp, when the person is online, it does not necessarily mean that he has seen your message, it means that he used the app currently, last seen indicates the last time he used WhatsApp, and the only way to know if the person has seen your message is the blue tick next to the message.

If you do not want your contacts to know your last seen or that you are currently available, you can easily hide your status from everyone, through the application settings, we will now learn how and how to hide your last seen on whatsApp, but you need to know that if you cancel this feature, you also won’t be able to see the last seen people you have in your contacts, and you can also Watching hidden WhatsApp statuses without the knowledge of the owner Easily.

How and steps for hiding your last seen on WhatsApp

Often we want to hide the status of the connection so that no one knows your last appearance on WhatsApp, and through the following steps, you can easily hide your appearance on the WhatsApp application, which is one of the important aspects of privacy that you can adjust with ease, in case you want after the inconvenience and no one can Knowing that you appear on WhatsApp and enjoy a large aspect of the privacy of using the application, and you can also cancel this feature as you wish.

  • Open the application from iPhone or Android.
  • Choose settings or settings.
  • Log in to an account or account.
  • Choose private or privacy.
  • The last seen or last seen is on the screen as the first choice.
  • You have the options to show your last status to everyone, to your contacts only, or to cancel it to everyone.
  • Once you make your selection, your online status or “last seen” will be visible to only your contacts, or no one at all, depending on your choice.

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