Report: DC United is negotiating with Mesut Ozil – apparently also trade cooperation

Mesut Ozil hasn’t played a role at Arsenal for long. At the moment, the 2014 world champion has not even been nominated for the English Premier League or the European League and is therefore doomed to watch. Although the Gunners haven’t had an easy season yet, it will likely remain that way. The most likely scenario is that the 32-year-old, whose contract expires at the end of the season, will not play any games before leaving. to me Football London There is now a clear direction for his upcoming club. Accordingly, Ozil was not attracted to Turkey, as many fans expected, but to the USA.


Football Portal London that Everyday Mirror Attributed, according to Negotiations are already underway between the players’ side and MLS DC United From the American capital, Washington. Hence, the franchise offered Ozil an “attractive” package. Not just a sports collaboration But also to promote its “M10” brand in the United States. Like all other players whose contracts expire at the end of June, Ozil has been able to freely negotiate a summer transfer with other clubs since January 1.

Includes Presentation From USA Loud Football London Also An extension of the Ozil Cafe “39 Steps Coffee” in the Audi Field From DC United, which is its marketing line and plans to make it the front of the franchise. The relationship between Ozil’s agent D. Erkut Sögüt and United’s managing director, Sam Porter, are close. Ozil won’t be the first star to be drawn to the Potomac River either – England legend Wayne Rooney has played for the capital from 2018 to 2020. With Julian Grisel, a German has also played in Washington for a year.

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Turkish clubs Fenerbahce Istanbul, who want to sign the former German international during the winter break, are other options for Ozil, who is expected to earn up to 400,000 euros per week at Arsenal and thus continue to be the highest earner despite his role as a listed guest. Istanbul Basaksehir. Istanbul District Club is closely related to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan through trade Best man for Ozil and his wife Amin.

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