Why Austria’s new temperature records are long overdue, too

constructor: We already have over 40 degrees. Our current record is barely higher than that of the 1980s. On the other hand, the summer temperature has risen by an average of two degrees over the past 40 years. The maximum value of 0.6 degrees is not included. This is unusual and it is only a matter of time before a heat wave in excess of 40 degrees collapses on us. I think 42 degrees like two years in Germany can happen at any time. In my view, this is too late. Until recently, I thought that temperatures above 45 degrees were impossible because we have plants – forests and meadows that evaporate and cool …

… as well as Canada …

That’s right, we also have a mountainous area with rivers and forests. Until recently, I would have said that over 45 degrees is not that easy in Canada or here. If the unusual weather conditions currently prevailing in Canada also occur over Europe, it is also likely that the temperature in Austria will be 45 degrees.

What unusual weather conditions are you referring to?

An area of ​​high pressure that extends very far from north to south and does not move from the site. It accumulated over several weeks and transported warm air from the subtropics to the north. In addition, there are the effects of a hair dryer, which leads to very dry air behind the mountains.

Could this happen to us, too?

Nobody doubts that this will happen in Canada. You can see a record high temperature in just three days. Before this summer the temperature was 45 degrees, then it rose to 46.9, then 48, and now we are holding at 49.6. In a very short time, the old record rose by 4 degrees. If something like this happens to us, we’re also at 44 degrees. Where such extreme increases are not usually found. Temperatures are rising by a few tenths of a degree, or in other words: In Austria we have seen two degrees of warming in the last 40 years. If you now assume that the two ends rise similarly to the mean values, then we should have logs of 41.5 or 42 degrees.

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Is this really climate change?

It wouldn’t really be explained without climate change. Current summer temperatures in particular would have been impossible in the past. Just think of Vienna: during the entire first half of the 20th century, 35 degrees were not reached here. Now we see him every two years.

As in Austria we are in the fortunate position of having mountains and they are likely to get away with it in most parts of the country. or not?

If you take the pure surface, you are right. But if we take the population numbers, it looks completely different. Most people live in cities. All provincial capitals plus Vienna are in the lower regions and all have temperatures above 35 degrees. So if we look at the number of people infected, we have to say: the majority of Austria.

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