Netflix asked reviewers not to talk about politics –

Netflix Ask the first reviewers about Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness not to talk about it Policy in their articles. The imposition was clearly aimed at critics who were able to preview the series and who received the NDA classic with various restrictions. More precisely, Netflix requested that the events that were told not be related to real events.

He was the first to mention the prohibition of talking about politics by promoting his policies reconsidering On Twitter, it was Gizmodo’s Charles William Moore who pointed out that the series is actually full of political themes, closely related to current events.

In a provocative fashion, William Moore’s review directly addressed the political issues raised by a story about the American occupation of a Middle Eastern country called Penamstan with a zombie invasion that takes on a whole new meaning during a global pandemic. And the fact that such a ban is completely absurd, given that we are talking about the content and freedom of interpretation of critics. It’s hard to understand the concerns of Netflix, and perhaps Capcom, from this point of view.

It must be said that it is not the first time that the entertainment world has distanced itself from politics while providing content where politics is key. Just think about Ubisoft’s recent comments about Far Cry 6 and those from Six Days publisher in Fallujah.

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