Where to visit The Razor’s Crest

There are few questions about who the star is Fortnite Season 5 has just launched. While we have a whole crew of multi-dimensional hunters around doing everything they do with this rather complex plot, the central character is definitely Dean Dareen, known simply as The Mandalorian. And it looks like reassembling his Beskar armor will kind of be our main mission this season, just as it was in the first season of the show. The game’s search system is very different now than it was before, but we still have some locations to look for. One of your first missions is to visit Razor Crest to get to Beskar Pauldron, so here’s where to find that location.

The area you are looking for is on the eastern edge of the dessert that now marks the center of the map. The Razor Crest, if you haven’t seen the show, is a ship, now wrecked in the sand. Here’s where you are going:

Be warned: the Mandalorian is there guarding his ship, and he’s not as friendly as many of the 3D characters scattered around the map. He is surprisingly angry and effective with his sniper rifle: I tried to pull him out from afar and found myself smashed in two shots. A much better strategy is to speed it up and stay mobile: It fires this thing slowly, so the gun has to handle things a lot better than staying in range.

If I take it out, you can disable both the sniper rifle and the jetpack, which you can use to aim sights even while flying in the air, making another way skilled players can destroy me.

And he had this success: Continue your quest for a shiny new Boulderone. If you look at the battle pass, it looks like every new character we unlock will come with the Mandalorian Beskar mission, and by the time we get to level 100, we’ll be able to recreate the armor set obtained on the show. It is fun!

Stay tuned for more on this interesting season, which contains some of the biggest mechanical changes the game has seen in a long time, echoing the decade system in Call of Duty: War Zone.

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