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It is an ordinary door located on the edge of a lake. People who enter, they disappear into the darkness. How is that possible?

The Lagos They are the heroes of many fairy tales, legends and legends that go back thousands of years in time.

From Legends of Lady Lake Arthur to The Loch Ness MonsterMany lakes are surrounded by a magical aura.

The Lake Zug, in Switzerland, also has its own fairy tale. Although it is more realistic. there real door Charm This deceives the visitor. Despite being at the edge of a lake, people walk through the door and disappear…

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The Lake Zug It is a Swiss lake located at the foot of the Alp. It’s huge: it measures More than 13 kmIt is about 5 km wide and has a maximum depth of 198 metres.

It is a stretch of water with abundant fishing. live here endemic species of salmon, Salmo Salvinos, which only occurs in some alpine lakes.

The name of the place goes back to the city of Zug, which has a population of about 30 thousand people. It is located on the lake promenade in that city The Door Charm.

Historians have solved great mysteries of antiquity, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs or the origins of humanity. But there are many others for whom there are no answers. Let’s take a look at some of the most baffling things.

Opened in 2015, it is the work of artist Roman Signer. It will only remain open until 2025.

This is not a decorative door. As you will see in this video, although you are at the edge of the lake, open to the enormous water, People enter and disappear inside.

But there is a trick… if you want to know, take a look:

As we can see, it is a visual effect. The door opens onto a staircase that goes down to the lake until Underwater Observatory.

At a depth of about 10 meters you can see fish and an earthen bottom. But some visitors claim that moss covered most of the glass, and very little is visible.

However, it is a strange experience that all visitors Lake Zug Feel free to try.

If you are interested in going, you should know that the door only opens at certain times, so ask before you go.

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