The future of Europe is being discussed in Senegal

SINGAPORE – Comparing the rallies and Europe on October 13, at 5 pm, in the Chamber of the Council of the Orcía, thanks to university professors, EU officials and institutions who will discuss the future of Europe and the role of the regions. Promotion of the meeting isItalian Association of European Council of Municipalities and Regions (AICCRE – The Marches Union) in cooperation with the Municipality of Senegal and the European Federal Movement (MFE) and under the auspices of the March Legislative Assembly.

This event was born the day after the renewal of the regional and national ICREE Summits, as part of The debate started by the EU institutions about the future of Europe. The European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council invite all EU citizens and, in particular, local and regional authorities to share ideas and plans on how Europe should develop, what its priorities are and how it should prepare in a post-Covid world. Institutions aim to Consulting as many people, bodies and public and private associations as possible, with special attention to youth and territories interested in promoting the development of European culture and building institutional democracy and political unity in Europe.

With “A Marche’s Future in Europe’s Future”, Aiccre focuses on the future of Europe for the Territories. He does this, and calls for reporting Giovanni Di Cosimo, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Macerata, with an intervention on the European track of the Italian legal system; Paolo Meucci, Executive Director of the Afco (Constitutional Affairs) Committee of the European Parliament, with a speech on Europe between recovery and a conference on the future of the European Union; Marco Ziccinellithe Secretary of the European Federalist Movement in Pesaro Vano, with a speech on Federal Europe from Ventotene at a conference on the future of Europe; Marco CelliDeputy National Secretary of the European Federalist Movement, with intervention in federal Europe, sovereignty, democracy and necessary reforms; Massimo Siri, Mayor of Fano and President of Aiccre Marche.
He chairs and coordinates the conference on October 13 Massimo BelloSenegalia Council Chairman and Vice President Iker Markey on the future of the United States of Europe in the international context. Institutional greetings will be delivered by the Mayor of Senigallia Massimo Olivetti and the President of the Legislative Assembly of Marche Dino Latino.

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The conference will be held in accordance with anti-Covid rules and will be broadcast on broadcast liveBy contacting the institutional website of the municipality of Senigallia

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