WhatsApp Web can support video calls just in time for Christmas

WhatsApp Web An easy way to access some of the best features of the most popular chatting app from your web browser. If you hope to respond intelligently to messages during business hours, or want to look at some of the images on the larger screen on your desktop computer, WhatsApp Web is a must. But for those hoping to host a video call from their computer – that’s not good. WhatsApp Web is unable to make or receive audio or video calls. And given how much we all rely on tools like Google Meet, Zoom, and Messenger Rooms on our laptops to keep in touch with friends and family this year, that’s a shame.

Fortunately, WhatsApp Web can soon fix these blatant omissions, according to WABetaInfo A team of WhatsApp fans who are browsing the latest beta versions of the app to discover new features or design modifications that have not yet been announced.

According to WABetaInfo, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has begun testing video and voice calls on WhatsApp with a small number of users. For those lucky enough to be included in the test, the phone and camera icon will appear at the bottom of the WhatsApp Web window. By clicking on either of these options, you will need to choose a contact to initiate the call.

If you are on the receiving end of a video or audio call from another WhatsApp contact, or a group of people, a separate pop-up window will appear in your chosen web browser. This window will display the contact name, profile picture, and buttons to reject or accept the incoming call. WhatsApp has not yet announced the arrival of voice and video calls to desktop users. However, the fact that beta versions of these features are already showing is a good sign.

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For anyone who relies on WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family, this will be a huge boost upon its arrival. Of course, it’s technically possible to start a WhatsApp Web video call now – but you’ll need to use Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms feature. This is a standalone service designed to collect contacts from all Facebook messaging services, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

These contacts can be gathered together in the video call chat room – even if they are not all using the same app, or in the same group chat. Facebook rolled out the feature earlier this year in response to the surge in the popularity of video-calling services like Zoom and Google Meet in the wake of a public health crisis and widespread closures.

In the event that there is a plan to develop the new feature – and there is no guarantee it will – the new video and audio calling functionality in WhatsApp Web should also be available for use in the Windows 10 and macOS versions of the chat app. That’s because these apps are window covers for WhatsApp Web. As such, you will still need to log in with a QR code and you will not be able to access all the same functions as in the WhatsApp version available on Android and iOS smartphones.

That’s because WhatsApp is currently unable to create full versions of the chat app for the likes of macOS, Windows 10, or Apple iPads. This is because WhatsApp, which is currently the most popular messaging service on the planet, does not allow multi-device support. Since the messaging service is linked to a mobile phone number, users will not be able to seamlessly switch between devices to send and receive messages.

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This differentiates WhatsApp from the likes of Apple’s iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Telegram, which can be installed on a variety of devices – with messages, call history, videos, and photos synced across app versions.

Beta code suggests that WhatsApp is also working hard to fix this issue, which indicates that we may soon see an all-new Windows 10, macOS, and – for the first time – Tablet versions of the app.

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