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Facebook was the first to introduce end-to-end encryption for backup databases in the cloud.

Source: SmartLife / WhatsApp

As of October 15, WhatsApp is offering Android and iOS app users a new layer of end-to-end data encryption, which the company had promised earlier.

Although the Many of the world’s largest countries oppose encryptionFacebook continues to introduce encryption into the most popular messaging app.

Now all users will have backed up data – Google ie. Android users within Google Drive and iOS users within the iCloud system.

In order to use the new option, it is necessary first of all whatsapp update, then follow the path Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > End-to-end Encrypted Backup and there you will be greeted with the option we just talked about.

When the user backs up the data, it is necessary to protect it with a password or a 53-digit key for encryption. Once everything is set up, no one will be able to access the backed up data – Google, Apple, or alone The WhatsApp in another meaning. Facebook social networking site. Interestingly, Facebook was the first company to excel and was able to use end-to-end encryption to create a data backup.

Update WhatsApp and see if the option is already available to you – if not, be patient for a few more days, because for sure it will arrive very soon!

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