WhatsApp: How do you do that so that no one knows you are online?

One of the main problems with the constant use of a mobile phone and applications like WhatsApp is the constant connection status. This fact can cause some people to feel that their privacy has been compromised and thus choose to uninstall the application.

However, for those who think a complete breakup is somewhat drastic, There are a few tricks that allow you to use WhatsApp discreetly. You can prevent other users from knowing who you are talking to, if you are reading messages or while you are online.

Next, we explain the tricks that you can apply to both Android phone and iPhone to use WhatsApp in a more private way.

Hide time of last connection

This WhatsApp job can become one of the most annoying. Many users use the time of last connection as a reference to find out what activity the person they want to write to. However, the app has a system that is enabled to erase traces of time for our phone use.

To activate it, you just have to go to the WhatsApp menu, and select Settings> Account> Privacy> Last time. Here you can select who can see the last connection time, you should choose the Nobody option.

Remove the double blue check mark in WhatsApp

In both Android and iOS, under the Privacy menu itself, where you can modify the time of the last connection in WhatsApp, there is also a checkbox called Read Receipts. If you deactivate it, your contacts will stop seeing the blue double check mark when reading their messages, although you won’t receive a confirmation when reading it either.

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Read messages without entering the application

It is possible that a message has arrived and you do not want to open it at that moment. You might not even want to turn on the screen: because at those moments there is the ability to assign a specific sound to each contact. To do this, simply select the conversation with the person you want to set a sound for, click on the contact’s name and select the option to customize notifications. Then choose the shade you like best.

Profile picture ‘Invisible’

You have to go to the privacy menu and select who you want to see your WhatsApp profile picture. You can choose from the options: Everyone, Contacts Only, or None.

Listen to audio recordings without appearing “online”

Listening to WhatsApp audios without appearing online is very simple: disconnect your mobile data or Wi-fi, or activate the Airplane mode as in the previous hidden mode, and that’s it.

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