WhatsApp: Bhannat Trick! You can easily save private gmail chat on whatsapp, see details how to backup whatsapp messages to gmail to check details


  • WhatsApp abandonment trick.
  • Chat can be saved to Gmail.
  • All media files can be deleted at once.

New Delhi: Popular instant messaging app The WhatsApp You are chatting above Gmail You can also create an account. In addition, you can delete chat media files at the same time. We often send pictures to others on WhatsApp and their quality is poor too. We give you information about some of these WhatsApp abandon tricks, which will be very useful for you.

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Save WhatsApp chat in Gmail

You can send private chats on WhatsApp to anyone via mail. Not only this, the chat can also be saved on Gmail. To send a chat, tap Export chat in the chat history in the WhatsApp settings. Here you can select the contact whose Gmail chat you want to save. You will now have the option to export chats with and without media files.

Media files can be deleted simultaneously

You can increase the storage space of some contacts and phone groups on WhatsApp. You also get the option to delete media files from private chats in the app. For this you have to go to the WhatsApp settings and select the option to manage storage in data and storage usages. You will then see the size of the chat media by size. Media files appear when you click on a group or contact. Now you can select one by one or delete all files at once.

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Image resolution will not decrease

The app automatically changes the file size after you share the image on WhatsApp. This degrades the image quality. However, you can send the image in the form of a document. This will allow the image to be shared in the original quality. To send an image as a document, go to the attachment in the chat and click on the document. Now select the photo you want to send and send.

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