Knight scored a record number of goals and the USA beat Finland 3-0

Hilary Knight of the United States tries to get a discus as Finn goalkeeper Meri Raissanen shines during the third period of the IIHF World Hockey Championship in Calgary, Alberta on Sunday, August 22, 2021. Press AP)

Calgary (Alberta) (AFP) – Hilary Knight broke Cammy Granato’s goal record at the Women’s World Cup with 44 goals in the Americans’ 3-0 victory over Finland on Sunday night.

The 32-year-old contestant, making her 11th US appearance at the event, scored a knockout and topped the standings with 6:58 from the left. He was also three points away from Granato’s record of 78.

Grace Zumwinkel and Kelly Bannick both scored, and Nicole Hensley made 10 saves to help the five-team champions improve to 2-0 in the first group game. Miri Razanin stopped 36 shots for Finland (0-2).

The two teams met for the first time since meeting the USA in the 2019 tournament, the last tournament in which they beat hosts Finland 2-1 on penalties. The COVID-19 pandemic twice forced the cancellation of the Nova Scotia Championships before moving to Calgary.

The United States also won the opening match 3-0 and beat Switzerland on Friday night with Alex Cavallini in goal. The Americans have won eight of the last nine titles and nine of the last eleven.

Previously, Canada beat Russia 5-1 in the first group and the Czech Republic 4-2 in the second group. All five teams in Group A and the top three places in Group B qualified for the quarter-finals.

Sarah Feller, Ella Shelton, Erin Ambrose, Melody Doust and Rebecca Johnston scored goals for Canada (2-0) against Russia (1-1). Anne-Rene Despens saved six saves, leaving only Olga Sosina’s goal with a second chance left.

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On Tuesday, the United States will meet with Russia and Canada will meet with Switzerland.

At the beginning of the match, Teresa Radova, Daniela Pigsova, Vendola Pribilova and Denisa Krizova scored goals for the Czech Republic (2-0) and Klara Beslarova saved 11 saves. The Hungarian score of Rika Debasi and Fani Jasparks (0-2).

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