What to watch on Netflix this Easter weekend (April 2-4, 2021)

A new weekend is coming and our regular column of advice for all the “What are we seeing this weekend” fanatics is back? Chronic Hesitant, we turn to you because we know so hard how difficult it can be to choose from a wide variety of titles (all seem to be very interesting) that we really don’t know which direction to go. Fictional series? That crime? The show everyone’s talking about or the most specialized show? Here then we come to your aid by presenting you with an option, a little simpler, of only 3 titles we’ve picked from among the latest “hot” Netflix releases that we think are perfect for watching a respectable Easter party. So here’s a 3-series that shouldn’t be missed on the first weekend of April, the choice is now up to you (or maybe, since it’s time, you can also watch all three!).

For Lovers of the Ripper (and Sherlock Holmes): Irregular Baker Street

If you haven’t seen it already, go for a cover! Baker Street Irregular is a new horror / supernatural proposal from Netflix that takes a cue from famous personalities created by Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson) and mixes them with a group of marginalized, so-called “irregular” children who will be in 19th-century London at their hand. Right hand in the fight against supernatural crimes. An interesting story, a little dark and perfect for those who cannot do without a “supernatural”, after all, TV series also serve this purpose, to create fictional worlds where everything is possible, even things that are inaccessible to humans.

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For fans of real stories and serial killers: The Serpent

Serpent is the new Netflix series based on a true story. Which? This is by one of the most famous and feared serial killers of the 1970s: Charles Subrag. In 8 episodes, the series takes us back in time, and between the hippies and the exotic atmosphere, it will bring us back to life the tragic moments of the death of young Western travelers in South Asia, all of whom are bound by the hand of Subraj. More than just telling a story from the past, The Serpent aims to delve into the soul of a man who has always wanted fame and was willing to commit anything, even terrible crimes. If you want to get to the core of how the mind of a serial killer works, then this is the right choice for you.

For those who love soaps in Spanish: What happened to Sarah?

At number one of the top 10 on the Italian platform, this Mexican series has already made its way into the hearts of Italians who, let’s face it, but how much do we love the crimes and mysteries to be solved? Here then, “What happened to Sarah?” The entertainment becomes suitable for everyone who loves to be captured by twists and turns and cannot wait to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a girl who does not know how and by whom she was killed. After all, we’d love to be a little detective, moreover, if you like soap operas in Spanish, that’s it. The story revolves around a boy who gets out of prison after 18 years for committing a crime he did not commit, and now that he is freed again, he only wants revenge on the man he thinks is the killer but is, in fact, going to do so. Find out no. But who was Sarah’s killer then? It is up to you to find out!

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