What to do if your cell phone is stolen: How to block access to home banking and virtual wallets | Professionals’ recommendations

The cell phone It is a treasure trove of more and more information. Photos, notes, contacts and conversations, among many other things, are stored inside. but also Increasingly sensitive informationHow passwords from social networks and Access to wallets virtual s home baking.

The sheer volume of information that cell phones store means that after being stolen or lost, anyone can do it Access to a huge amount of data. Evidence for this is the growing number of complaints from people who They entered their virtual walletsAnd the They made the expenses even took credits Millionaires

Against this background, consult before AM750, Engineer and specialist in cyber security, Santiago wheatIn this article, he made a series of recommendations to consider in order to make the cell phone the most secure tool.

Wheat is also part of Laboratory of research and technological development in computer forensics (InFo-Lab), a multidisciplinary team of researchers working on the search for solutions to requirements in the field of computational forensics.

Cell Phone Theft: Are Virtual Wallets Safe?

When asked about the security of virtual wallets, Trigo explained: “No system is 100% secure. On the other hand, there are measures that enhance our data. Maybe we can talk about reliability. Some are reliable and some are not.

To find out if it is reliable or not, there are a series of tips to keep in mind. For example, “Protection measures offered to users“.

You can also “Check the measures they take to protect data”. “It is important to Let’s read your policies Before creating an account,” the specialist commented.

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“If the application does not allow us the possibility of Configure two-factor authentication “As a measure to protect our accounts, I will not use it,” he added in a personal tone.

From home banking to virtual wallets, how do you make apps more secure?

These tools provided by some applications allow to increase the security of the user. That is, for example, in the case of theft, the process by which a person can seize accounts is much more complicated.

Two-factor authentication is a measure that we can access from

Unknown device to the application, the transaction we want to perform requires additional verification,” explained Trigo.

He added, “Or when we need to retrieve our access key, The app asks us for a code to verify our identity“.

Beware of “sim swap”

In this context, the InFo-Lab specialist considered that caution should be exercised with “SIM swap“, and that is , Dual SIM or the impersonation of the Card by a fraudulent person.

The additional code can be sent to us through the app via SMS To our registered number or we can create it through another number An external app like Google Authenticator‘ Trigo explained.

Among these alternatives, I always recommend using the second option And not to send an SMS code because if we are the victims of “Sim Swapping” this action may be void.”

Other tips to keep in mind

Additionally note the wheat Three more easy security mechanisms To apply, which significantly changes the confidentiality of data:

  • You must have the cell phone configured with some unlocking factor. Preferably a numeric or pattern PIN. These tend to be more secure than the biometric factor (fingerprint or face).

  • The Auto lock screen due to inactivity It should be prepared within a reasonable time. If we set the auto block for 30 minutes, there is a risk that they can trade if they get it during that time.

  • construction Our SIM PIN.

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What do you do if your cell phone is stolen?

Even taking into account all the possibilities of care that can be adopted and how to identify an insecure application, if the phone is stolen or lost, a series of parameters must be taken into account.

In case of loss or theft, you must Report team by our borrower or for Enacom To make it impossible for them to continue using it,” Trigo explained

In addition, he added, “If our credit/debit card data is exposed, we will have to. Delete it so it can’t be used“.

The Seven Commandments of Computer Security

Finally, the computer security professional follows a series of seven points to consider responsible and conscious use of applications where a lot of data is at stake.

  1. Don’t act out of ignorance. Always seek advice from someone you trust or who specializes in the topic.

  2. Do not provide personal data and access codes for anyone. No application will request this data through instant messaging, phone, social networks, etc.

  3. Do not deal without Identity Verification on the other side.

  4. Do not trust the contacts who Acceleratesthey play with worry and the Coincidence.

  5. Do not always use same passwordsChange it regularly.

  6. Do not browse sensitive pages and pay Without checking the URL properly Or the website’s web address to prove it’s real.

  7. Do not use Unsecured connectionsEspecially when you have to enter usernames and passwords.

How do you know if the police have stolen your cell phone

Finally, in the city of Buenos Aires, since this year, you can check online whether the police have a cell phone that has been stolen and process the return.

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For this you have to check the catalog of objects on the site payback. policiadela ciudad.gob.ar.

If the stolen object is found in the database, the neighbor can immediately enter the file by touching the “Recover” button. and then Start filling out the application form.

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