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Many Android users in Spain would like to use open source apps on their phones. Open source apps are secure, because their code is public, so we can see at all times what they’re doing or what permissions they’re asking for. One of the apps in this category is Open Camera.

Open Camera is a camera app We can download it on Android phones. It is an application that can replace the camera application that comes by default on your mobile phone, or act as a second application. This app gives us a series of camera add-ons.

An open source camera app

Open the camera is a file Open source camera app for Android phones. This application is offered as an option to extend the functions of the camera that your phone has installed by default, because it has some options that make it more complete.

Set camera opening

It’s an easy to use app, which easily adapts to any compatible Android phone. The list of functions that we provide in Open Camera is huge, some of them are:

  • Remote controls (the ability to control the shutter with your voice).
  • HDR support.
  • widget.
  • Use the volume buttons to take pictures.
  • RAW format support.
  • Panorama mode (also in front camera).
  • Noise reduction in night mode or in low light conditions.
  • Dynamic range optimization modes.
  • Customizable buttons.
  • face detection.

It is a very customizable application, and it can be easily adapted to every user. It is the best open source camera app that we can currently download on our Android phones. Its interface is easy to use, so no user will have problems with it.

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How to download Open Camera on Android

Open camera functions

Open Camera . is located Available for free on Play Store. The app has no ads or purchases inside, as is typical of open source apps. You can donate $1.99 to the creator of the app, as support or thanks, although it is voluntary. You can download the app from this link.

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