What it is, why it works and how to configure it on iOS and Android in Mexico

We found out recently Telcel will allow eSIM activation for an iPhone 14 obtained in the US Since these do not have a traditional SIM tray, we also showed you that before What is the eSIM in the new iPhones And how can we contract him in Mexico.

But did you know you can do that too APN Configuration SIM cards manually on your smartphone? This allows us to access an access point to connect to the Internet. Surely it happened to you that your cell phone is not connecting to data and you don’t know what to do; That is why we will teach you today, How do you configure Telcel APN In just two minutes.

What is APN?

APN or Access Point Name (Access Point Name for its English acronym) is the configuration that is done in an unlocked cell phone The new operator’s mobile networks can be accessedin this case Telcel with 3G, 4G LTE, 4.5G or 5G, so you can use your internet browsing data.

anyway Most of the time, this process is done automatically Once you insert the new chip on your computer, it does not happen in all computers. But it is solved in a very simple way from our smartphone, whether it is Android or iOS, the steps are the same.

How to configure Telcel APN

  • Entry “Settings” from your cell phone.
  • Then select the option mobile networks” on Android. For iOS, go to “cellular data” Then to “Options”.
  • In the options menu choose Access Point Names.
  • Search for “+” symbol To add a new APN
  • Under the new Telcel APN settings, you must configure the following parameters:
  • Go back to the three dots icon and click on the option “Memorizes”.
  • To finish, activate the mobile data of your device and try to enter any browser and do a search to check if you have an internet connection.
  • If it doesn’t work at first, you just have to restart your computer to be able to navigate normally.

Done, it’s that simple and in a few steps we can configure Telcel APN, so we will ensure that we have a mobile data connection without problems. You can also consult at Xataka Mexico How to deactivate voicemail in Telcel, also How to put a security PIN on your voicemail.

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