What is the most polluted country in history?

At the end of the last two weeks of COP 26 in Glasgow, which has left more bewilderment than certainty, we wonder which country has polluted the most, at least since the data on CO2 emissions were collected. Let’s find out together!

Data on pollution, in particular about CO2 انبعاثات emissions, collected by mankind since 1850. Since that year, man has been emitted into the atmosphere almost 2500 billion tons of carbon dioxideAn unimaginable character. But what is nation which has emit more carbon dioxide In the history of contemporary economics?

Let’s find out together in the next article.

Carbon dioxide emissions: which country is the most polluted?


Whoever expected a surprise will be disappointed, in fact the first place is United States of America. From careful studies on this topic by carbon brief, it turns out that gThe United States is not only the most polluted of all, but it also excels in all the historical series considered from 1850 to today.

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For 2021, the US is expected to release the same tunes as well for December 509 billion tons of carbon dioxide, about 20.3% of the total released since 1850. This level of emissions has increased the average temperature by +0.2 °C.

These data show that the size of the US economy is no longer sustainable for the planet, so it will be necessary to intervene immediately.

Carbon dioxide emissions: rest of the ranking


If we continue in this special arrangement, in second place we find China, which has been issued since 185011.4% of total emissions. The most disturbing data are those related to the overheating seen since 2000, in fact emissions have more than tripled. Roughly like the United States, China is responsible for an average temperature increase of 0.1°C.

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In third place is Russia with 6.9% of total emissions, followed by Brazil With 4.5% H Indonesia 4.1%. The first country in the European Union in the ranking is Germany Which has emitted 3.5% of the total since 1850, due to the over-reliance on coal that has plagued the German economy over the years.

As for theItaly, in 16th place with 23.5 billion total carbon dioxide emissions. The sectors that have contributed the most to emissions are paper and printing.

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