They found a “huge spider” in Australia, its fangs piercing nails

A huge funnel-shaped spider, which is called “Mega Spider, capable of piercing human nails, was donated to the Antitoxin Program at Australia.

The “giant spider“It measures eight centimeters from man to man and has two centimeters of fangs,” the Australian Reptile Park said in a statement on Friday.

With a body length of 5 centimeters, he added, it was the largest funnel-shaped spider the zoo had ever seen. “It’s extraordinarily large, and if we can get the public to deliver more spiders like these, the result will be that more lives are saved because of the large amount of toxins they can produce,” said Michael Tate, the park’s education officer.

“We are very keen to find out where it came from in hopes of finding more huge spiders like it.” According to the Australian Museum, the average body length of the funnel spider is 1 to 5 centimeters, making it one of the largest spider species in the world but not the largest. Australia.

biggest spider in Australia It is a tarantula spider, also known as a hissing spider, due to the noise it makes when provoked.

The body of the northern species Selenocosmia crapis Its length can be up to 6 cm, and the length from man to man is 16 cm.

reptile park Australia He said he would milk tusks.giant spiderTo get a poison that can turn into an antivenom.

The zoo added that the spider was donated somewhere in the coastal area of ​​Sydney or New South Wales.

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