What is monkeypox and why is it causing fear in the United States?

In the past hours, it was called the news of a disease contagion.monkey pox”, in the United States, specifically in Maryland, after a resident returned from Nigeria and had mild symptoms of the disease.

Maryland Department of Health (MDH)In cooperation with the control centers and Disease prevention (CDC) from the United States, reported that a man who developed mild symptoms, however, did not require hospital treatment and is recovering positively at home.

“Public health authorities have identified and continue to monitor people who may have had contact with the diagnosed individual.”

This was reported by Dr. Jinlin Chan, Undersecretary of Public Health for Health.

“Our response in close coordination with CDC officials demonstrates the importance of maintaining a strong public health infrastructure.”

What is monkey pox?

monkey pox It is a disease caused by a virus similar to smallpox. It was first discovered in laboratory monkeys.

The virus causes a common illness in rodents As in mice and squirrels in the jungle Central Africa and western.

A country’s public health department needs to be informed of a monkeypox infection or infection, as it is a public health problem because the infection spreads rapidly among humans.

It can spread from person to person direct connection With injuries to the skin or body fluids, or by contact with contaminated items such as clothing or sheets, or by inhaling air contaminated with B Germs After an infected person coughs or sneezes nearby.

Symptoms appear in patients Such as chills, sweating, headache, back and muscle fatigue, sore throat, flu, cough, as well as shortness of breath and oxygen problems. For these reasons, alarms have been triggered, with symptoms coinciding with Symptoms of Covid-19.

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