What is CSP, of which Spain is a pioneer

There is a kind of Solar energy Where Spain leads the world in terms of installed capacity to operate: it is energy concentrated solar energy or CSP (concentrated solar energy).

As stated by Idealista, CSP produces electricity by focus of sunlight To heat a medium (usually liquid or gas) that is then used to drive a steam or gas turbine to power an electric generator.

To concentrate radiation, there are four types of CSP systems that can be found. The first is parabolic trough: These are long rows of parabolic reflectors that focus sunlight 70 to 100 times onto a heat-collecting element positioned along the reflector’s focal line. It follows the sun around an axis, usually oriented from north to south.

The second is the system linear fresnel reflectors, Which has the advantage that the installation costs per square meter can be lower than that of ducts, and the receiver is fixed. However, the annual optical performance is lower than that of the channel reflector.

The central receptor system (Solar constellations) Use mirrors (heliostats), which follow the sun and reflect its light onto a fixed receiver at the top of the tower, where temperatures can be reached in excess of 1000°C. The main advantage of this alternative is that it allows thermochemical storage of energy for the purpose of generating electricity (despite the presence of solar radiation).

In fourth place are dish systemswhich are parabolic shaped and focus sunlight onto a receiver mounted at a focal point, with the receiver moving with the dish.

Spain world leader In terms of total installed capacity (more than 2 GW) and more than 30% of the total capacity worldwide, followed by the United States and China.

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