What function are you copying from Snapchat and GoogleMaps

You know the feeling when Instagram isn’t cooperating – maybe it’s wrong, maybe it’s slow. But you can’t post the photos you’ve been waiting to share all day.

Shaking the phone angrily now makes sense. Well, at least if the bugs are on Instagram It frustrates you. From now on, this is how you can report any kind of problem with the app: just shake your phone and an Instagram bot will appear asking you what’s wrong.

In a video recently posted on TwitterInstagram head Adam Mosseri introduced two new features or, as he calls them, the “hidden gems” of the app. The first will allow you to delete an image from the library so as not to delete an entire post. Mosseri refers to it as “the ultimate job,” given that so many people have asked for it and now it’s finally here.

shake anger

The second feature he talks about is one that I find particularly interesting. If something is wrong InstagramShake your phone. A small window will appear allowing you to explain the type of problem you are having. Mosseri says someone will take care of him once he receives the report and I think that means “someone” will be a real man. Mosseri notes that this is a way to prioritize troubleshooting and other issues that need to be fixed in the app. I’m glad that after it’s been available for so many years for Google Maps and Snapchat, the rage shake functionality is also available on Instagram.

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At the moment, the rage shake feature is only available in the US and I would like to read this before shaking my phone like a madman trying to figure out what the new feature looks like. But the good news is that it is available for both iOS and Android. As for the “ultimate feature” that lets you delete a single photo from the carousel, it’s only available for iOS at the moment. However, Mosseri announced that it will also be rolling out to Android soon.

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