What do you do when your cell phone is stolen?

Cell phone theft what to do
Cell phone theft is the main cause of assault on pedestrians.

The Citizens Council for Security and Justice in Mexico City notes this Cell phone theft is the number one cause of pedestrian burglaryHence the importance of promoting complaints and awareness to avoid buying used devices, and this is what you should do When your phone is stolen.

Call the operator and deactivate the phone

The first thing to do is to contact the operator that provides you with phone service Report a stolen mobile phone And cancel the SIM until the cell phone is unusable.

Better to have it on hand IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), an international registry that allows you to disable a cell phone more quickly. That is why it is important to write the code and always have it at hand. This code can be found on the device box or on the cell phone itself.

Tip: An easy way to find out the IMEI is to write on the dial pad of the device: *#06# All data will appear

If you have an IOS device, you will have to go to Configuration, then click on the General option and touch the info box. Once this process is done, scroll down To find the IMEI.

Change your apps password

If your cell phone is stolen, you should Change app passwords on the mobile phone so that they cannot access it, thus protecting your personal and confidential information.

Usually these applications allow Change the password on your websites Allowing the owner of the device to quickly change it.

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If you have financial or banking applications, you should contact them Lock the application on the cell phone And also possible transfers that the criminal is trying to make to third-party accounts.

Tell your family and friends that your cell phone has been stolen

It is important Notify friends and family To prevent them from falling into some fraud or extortion they commit from stolen cell phone.

Make a complaint

It is important to do Complaint at the Public Prosecution Closest to cell phone theft, if you identify the person who has your cell phone, they can prove the corresponding criminal liability.

The bank, insurance company or authorities may request the complaint document as evidence of any administration.

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