What do Dianella and Ray do after “Catfish”? They are still trying to move forward

After a week-long hiatus, Cami and Nev are back on catfish Wednesday evening to investigate a case Dianella and Jose. The two, who are from Venezuela, met while playing video games over the Internet and fell in love over the course of four years. But they never videotaped, and on several occasions Dianella tried to meet Jose, he remained in the shadows. Even after moving to the United States, Jose refused to meet. What was he hiding?

It turns out Jose is Rey, yeah, a Venezuelan and he really moved to the US, but when he met Diianela, he used a different picture and name to protect his identity. According to him, it was not safe to show all of your cards right away in their home country, and he was afraid that revealing himself would put him in danger. Even after Rey grew up trusting Dianella, he struggled to tell her the truth.

Once Ray was clean, he declared his love for Dianiela, apologized, and promised to do better. Dianella was injured, but she gave him a second chance. According to Neff and Camy’s follow-up call with Daniela, Rae didn’t follow up and decided to move on.

The two did not return Follow each other On Instagram, despite both He appears to be single. On July 31, Dianella uploaded a selfie with the caption in Spanish “You love her now and she doesn’t want you”. On September 26, Ray participated A picture of himself It says in Spanish, “This is a spiritual trap you won’t want to run” alongside a flame emoji.

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A few days later, Dianella was involved Tik Tok is sad In which she seemed upset. The caption reads, “I’ll be back, I’m not ready yet … (I think Emma has moved on to girls now …).” So it looks like she might still be past Jose.

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