What can you do if Google Assistant is not working

Currently one of the platforms we use the most is Google. On many occasions we use it in our professional and personal life. In this aspect, we keep more and more things in the cloud and Google Drive is the preferred choice for many users. We also use Gmail, YouTube and Google search a lot. However, when using these services, we sometimes encounter issues with misconfiguration in the Google Assistant section. These issues can become annoying if they are related to Google Assistant or Google Assistant. In this article, we will explain what you can do if Google services are not working on your mobile phone.

What happens if Google doesn’t work

Every day we rely on and use the Google Assistant more to use its services. The problem is that sometimes they just stop working. One improvement is that it avoids us having to type our searches, set reminders and alarms, open apps and many other functions, all with our voice.

If Google services are not working when you say “Good GoogleThis could be for the following reasons:

  • Wrong configuration of the Google app.
  • Problems with the microphone, whether software, due to lack of permission, or hardware due to its broken.
  • We do not have internet access via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Obviously, the first thing we have to do is check our connection, for example, by looking in our browser if websites are loaded. Maybe you are interested to know What is Google Hacking and how does it affect your privacy.

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Microphone related issues

The first thing is to check if there is a problem with the hardware. For example, we can send a voice note via WhatsApp or Telegram. If it still does not work, we can try to carefully clean the microphone hole.

On the other hand, if the microphone is working fine, the problem might be that the microphone permission is not enabled for this app. then who SettingsAnd the Applications or even from Permission manager If you have a recent version of Android, we can check it out. In my case this is an example with permission manager where it shows which apps can access the microphone while it is in use:

What you have to do is tap and check if the microphone service is activated.

What to do if the app is not working

Sometimes Android behaves unexpectedly. For example, the Google application may crash after a software update from smartphone manufacturers, or the application itself may contain errors. Then we have to go toSettingsAnd the Applications”, we search for Google and click on it. Next, we will see a screen like this:

The moment we see that the Google app is not responding, we will press «forced stop«. Restarting the device might also be a good idea. You can try to put an older version of the app from a trusted repository but you run into some risks. It is better to wait for a new version to be released. Maybe you are interested How to protect your Google account with 2FA authentication.

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The solution is through the processor itself

If Google services are not working well, it may also be because the Google Assistant is not properly configured in the configuration settings of our smartphone. To get there we will go to SettingsAnd among the options available to us, we search for it Google and click on it. We will then see a screen like this:

Once you enter what we have to do is go to Google app settings. Then we move on to the section Voice.

Under “Voice”, we pay special attention to the two sections “Languages” and “Voice Match”.

We should actually check inside ‘Languages’ that the correct language is selected, and on some occasions adding two or three languages ​​can make the processor more efficient.

To finish our section «Voice Match» That we talked about before:

Here we have to pay attention to two options:

  • ok google: It must be activated even when we say this phrase plugin works.
  • audio model: We can use it if he doesn’t recognize our voice well and we want him to learn to recognize it well again.

As you have seen, in case the Google Assistant is not working, you will have to make various tweaks in order to be able to solve it.

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