What are the true goals of Anthony Blinken’s Snowboard Tour

The Arctic is the front of the new competition between the great powers, the place shrouded in frost where, against the background of the domination of the United States (NATO), Russia, China, India and Japan. The geostrategic importance of continental glaciers in the Arctic is tending to grow gradually, along with their gradual melting and with the completion of the Northeast Corridor, so the increased level of conflict between race participants is natural and physiological. To the North Pole.

The Biden administration is following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Donald Trump, who, by posing a provocative question about the cost of Greenland, has officially begun the race to the North Pole. Anthony Blinken’s Ice Ride, which began May 16 and will keep it occupied until May 20, is evidence of the Arctic centrality of the White House, unlike the party membership of those sitting in the Oval Room.

He toured de Blinken

On the 16th, he left for Copenhagen to meet with the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen And the head of diplomacy My pocket cofoodSecretary Biden will spend most of his time in Reykjavik, where he will attend the Twelfth Summit of the Arctic Council.Arctic CouncilHe will meet Serge Lavrov, and finally stop in Kangerlussuaq (Greenland) before returning to his homeland.

at DenmarkThe focus of the United States’ attention since the Trump years, Blinken held talks with Frederiksen and the Cuban delegation on the subject of strengthening bilateral relations, especially in the areas of climate change, green transition and security, as it was on the agenda of the meetings with Rana type e Pele Proberg, Foreign Affairs Owners, respectively Fair Islands e green land.

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Will be in IcelandHowever, the most important part of the journey across the ice of the head of US diplomacy will happen. Here, in fact, he will have the opportunity to address three files: bilateral relations between Washington and Reykjavik, treatment of the Arctic from a multilateral perspective, and the bilateral Biden Putin. The first area includes the scheduled talks with the president Goodney Johansson, Prime Minister Catherine Jacobsdottir And the head of diplomacy Goodlogor Thordarson. The second includes participation in the 12th Ministerial Council of the Arctic Council. On the third, we read the meeting on the sidelines of that summit with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, The scheme with the aim of agreeing on the issues to be discussed during the Biden-Putin bilateral bilateral.

Before returning to Washington, Blinken will travel to Kangerlussuaq, where he, accompanied by Coffood and Broberg, will meet the Prime Minister of Greenland. Bourup Egede mute A thorough inspection will take place at the Keflavik Naval Air Station.

Russia and China are in the crosshairs

The Blinken Ice Tour is a reminder of Russia e China, Which extended their friendly understanding to the Arctic, an area of ​​great concern for both of them. Russia boasts the largest continental shelf in the Arctic and aims to close its ranges by militarizing future bottlenecks and claims over the Arctic Ocean, both of which are working to achieve the North Sea Route. China, which calls itself a “sub-arctic country”, Having his eyes set on the Arctic has a perfect knowledge of what the effects of global warming will be like in this part of the planet, and the investment Significantly and increasingly in Greenland, especially in the field of mining and infrastructure, and penetration of the Russian polar paragraph by pumping billions of RMB into the development of energy and infrastructure in the Arctic Triangle – Siberia – the Far East.

Biden, who is taking Blinkin on a wide-ranging and comprehensive Arctic tour, talks to Putin and Xi Jinping: The United States intends to play Arctic heroes, like Trump and more, along with the economic tool – essential to countering Chinese-military investment – Greater participation of the United States and the United StatesAtlantic Alliance In the game – and multilateral – that is, the Arctic Council is consulting with Northern European allies.

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It is not excluded that the White House longs, Talking about the North Pole “A zone of peace and conflict free”)A zone of peace free of conflict), To create a rift between Moscow and Beijing, relying on the former’s persistent distrust of the latter, proposing to incorporate the North Pole into Biden’s concept of organized competition. However, if the United States really wants to play this card, it will have to find a way to separate the North Sea Route by the Arctic Silk, two similar but different realities, because one corresponds to Moscow and the other to Beijing. Initiate concessions for this purpose, for example in matters of allegations and militarization.

The way in which Blinken and his Western colleagues will deal with the scepter’s passage, because the Arctic Council summit will mark the end of the Icelandic presidency and the beginning of the Russian presidency, will reveal Biden’s strategy for the Arctic. The theater in which to seek some form of tactical cooperation with the Kremlin, or to act with increasing intensity and ruthlessness with the aim of dual containment of Russia and China.

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