Political controversy in Australia with the Israeli Tomer Hamid

Israeli striker Tomer
He praised Facing scrutiny from League Australia for its politically sensitive celebrations by scoring during a 2-2 draw Wellington Phoenix Kiss City of Melbourne on Sunday.

The Wellington striker scored a “double” in the Melbourne rectangular stadium and showed his support for his homeland amid the most dangerous hostilities in years with the Islamists of Hamas, who rule Gaza.

After scoring a penalty late in the first half, Hamad ran towards a group of fans in the stands and wrapped himself in an Israeli national flag. After securing a tie in the last minutes with his second goal in the match, Hamid Al-Kubba, a traditional Jewish hat, pulled from under his military uniform and put it on his head. The 34-year-old covered his face with one hand and pointed to the sky.

“We respect the rights of people through their expressions, but at the same time we have to be very sensitive to what is happening in the Middle East and the human tragedy that is happening there,” David Doom, chief executive of Phoenix, told New Zealand media on Monday. .

“We already talked to Tomer about that, and over the next few days we’ll look at it in more detail and get an answer on how to handle it that day as well. I don’t expect a penalty, but I think the league will ask us to ‘Please explain yourself’. ”

Hamad posted photos of him carrying the Israeli flag on social media and dedicated the ceremony to his country with a message calling for peace “soon.” Hamad received a yellow card immediately after his second celebration.

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“I know for sure that when you do this ceremony, you are praying for peace,” Dom said. “He doesn’t see this as a totally insensitive celebration.”

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