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Reasons to never download WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp is the instant messaging app par excellence that never goes out of style. Although it has many features (and continues to be added) to satisfy users, some have decided to download WhatsApp plus APK that supposedly provides you with a series of additional customization tools in addition to privacy, or rather it violates the privacy of others. ) where you can see the deleted messages. The point is, installing WhatsApp Plus has potential risks, so we recommend that you do not.

First of all, we must know that WhatsApp Plus is an app whose APK file can contain viruses and malware Since there is no official page to download from. Can Stealing your dataAnd the Read your conversations; And if the above does not convince you, you also risk that WhatsApp suspend your account For not using an official application to access the service. Next, we will provide more details on each one.

5 reasons not to install WhatsApp Plus instead of WhatsApp (from Play Store):
  1. malware. WhatsApp Plus is an app whose APK file may contain a virus or any malware, which should be enough to avoid installing it. According to ZacataCurrently, all versions of WhatsApp Plus usually come with viruses and malware. WhatsApp Plus can steal your personal data, and that is definitely something you want.
  2. Lots of ads. It is one of the aspects that users who use WhatsApp Plus complain about, because since it is not paid, it tends to get commercials from time to time. Especially when you try to download it, you will be flooded with ads and risk running into malicious websites.
  3. Your chats are not encrypted. It is one of the things that you must know, because your chats will not have the security that you would like, which means that if you are using WhatsApp Plus, its creators will be able to see all your chats. In addition to the fact that your chats are not encrypted, you will have a higher risk of receiving Trojans and even viruses that can affect the performance of your smartphone, Crash.net explains.
  4. You will not be able to back up your chats. There isn’t much to explain here, just that if you lose your device or your phone number, there will be no way to recover or transfer your chats.
  5. They can block you. WhatsApp can delete your account for life if you use an unofficial app like WhatsApp Plus to access its messaging service.
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recommendation Never install whatsapp plus Since in most cases you will expose yourself to cybercriminals, malware, and privacy breaches. On the other hand, there is also the fact that the official WhatsApp can suspend your account and you will not be able to access the service again with the same number.

How to download and install WhatsApp (official):
  1. go to the Google Play Store and search whatsapp messenger. touches Installations.
  2. Open WhatsApp and accept Terms of Service to advance to the next screen.
  3. registration Your phone number.
  4. If a chat history backup is found and you want to restore it, select Restores.
  5. Enter your name. If you later want to change your name in WhatsApp, you can do so. To do this, you must touch the icon of more optionsAnd the settings Then the profile name.

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