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Since then, Christina Günther Fiedler has taken over the continuation of the service, which she has established under the motto “You set my feet in a wide space.” This saying has accompanied her since she began her ministry in Markgräflerland, the Reverend emphasized. It comes from a psalm in which a person asks God for help from the persecuted, but also expresses his confidence and thanks that God will save him. Rather, it speaks of a “net” that one wants to catch. But his trust in God finds a new perspective: he sees new opportunities for himself.

start something new

A hard copy of this saying stands on her desk and is always a source of help and solace in all situations. Now that the vacancy is over, something new is starting at Haltingen. Despite the pandemic, the vast space exists, and together with the community and the parish council you want to make use of it and fill it with God’s help.

Marcus Demboski of the St. Maria Haltingen Diocese team brought the congratulation of the Catholic parish. He emphasized the good ecumenical cooperation between the worshipers. We look forward to more good understanding in our community. Many well-wishers among the visitors expressed their happiness at the end of the vacancy in Haltingen.

Many other greetings and congratulations from leaders of the political community and association boards were sent just by phone due to the pandemic.

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