BCD Travel Alert brings risk management to the app

the Risk Management Get the app Bcd Travel Alert. Throughout 2021, TMC has been constantly working on implementing new systems Safety Features And the digital application presented at the GBTA conference in Orlando last year is one of the most important findings.

It’s globally available and downloadable From the Apple App Store It is that google browser.

Bcd Travel Alert: A New Traveler Safety Tool

Developed specifically for travel managers and regulatorThe app provides coverage 24/7 of active travelers. Corporate business travel managers can stay in touch and respond to every request for help from their smartphone.

Bcd Alert Tracking Risk Warnings in destinations. Whether it is meteorological or emergency, it is associated with critical events of all kinds.

Therefore, it provides Notifications on your smartphone the passenger. After that, the company can be contacted via SMS, e-mail or “Click to call‘, that is, through a real-time phone call.

“Customers who have enabled emergency response features on the Tripsource traveler app have the added value of seeing who has checked in, so they can focus on remaining travelers at their destination,” Tmc explains.

Bcd Travel Alert is just one of the tools developed in this epidemic years, but not only.

L ‘Covid-19 Information Center and historical Tripsource are other tools. In addition to conducting a consultative evaluation of the safety program, decision source.

Learn more about Bcd’s “Guide to Travel Safely”.

An award from Bayer for its support during Hurricane Ida

In 2021, Bayer was awarded an award Dutch travel management company for support during Luragano Edda. As a result of this event, more than 1 million people living along the coast in the southeastern United States were affected on August 26, 2021.

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And electricity was cut off for about 900,000 for two weeks.

Among the victims were more than a thousand employees of multinational companies and their families in a suburb New Orleans.

a job John Liptak, a Bcd coordinated group meeting, was to find hotels and accommodations for those left homeless.

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