Weiherhof will become a colorful space for culture

Historic building, abandoned and soon to be revived: the district is developing the Weiherhof into a place of culture. Renovation work begins.

Recently, Weiherhof is located between Abbey Oberschoenenfeld The Döpshofen site is fenced off. The building is still empty. Swabia wants to get out of this by 2025 Abandoned place “Art Room Weiherhof” Create: a place to create, meet and exchange in the name of art. Children and young people can then come into contact with the art in a playful way, while adults can visit exhibitions, specialist discussions or concerts. Scholarships also support local artists – regardless of whether they are young talent or debutants.

The district chief once worked at the Weiherhof

A new video shows how the Weiherhof transforms and lets the curious look into the future. Head of the district Martin Seiler It leads through partially empty rooms, which show clear traces of the past. He gets into the story, and suddenly the noise can be heard again, when the farm was still an inn. Sailer reminds us of the frontier and shows the mysterious vault. and the Column Hall, which was once a horse stable.

Syler took a holiday job there in 1985 and worked there, he reveals in the video. Then the scene changes and presents a vision of the future: The Weiherhof is an artists’ studio, art space for children, and gallery for adults.

Preparations are under way for Weiherhof’s art space

In order for the project to become a reality by 2025, the first preliminary and transformational measures have been initiated. According to the district’s press release, this includes, for example, conducting the Special Species Protection Test. Swabia plans to protect the species on the site and provide a habitat for the animals – with flower meadows or a newly created pond. In addition, the conversion must be climate neutral. Foundations have already been inspected and contaminant reports prepared. Harmful material cleaning and construction logistics preparations will begin before the end of this year. The district attaches special importance to the protection of monuments – the historic facade with its decorations and the pillared hall should continue to decorate the Weiherhof in the future. (mkz)

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