“We call on Italians to leave Ukraine”

Rome“Given the current situation, and as a precautionary measure, citizens are invited to temporarily leave Ukraine by available commercial means”. The report came directly fromCrisis Unit in Farnesina. During the coordination meeting About the situation in Ukraine Presided over precisely in Farnesina since Minister of Foreign Affairs and International CooperationAnd Luigi Di Maioit was decided – by agreement with different European Union Embassies Are in the country – to return all non-essential personnel from our diplomatic headquarters located in Kiev, which will remain operational in any case.

The situation in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA

even government Madrid He called on all his compatriots to leave Ukraine. This was reported by various Spanish media, quoting a statement that came directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The Spaniards who are currently in the country are advised to seriously consider leaving Ukraine temporarily through the commercial means available ”, is readable. Then the list was added to FileDutchannounced by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wopke Hoekstraand the Germany. Finally, the United States of America, who ordered nearly all embassy staff in Ukraine to leave the country immediately. Therefore, as of tomorrow, all consular services in Kiev will be suspended. Only a small diplomatic squad will remain in place in Lviv for “Emergency Management”. The US State Department announced this.

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