We are very concerned about security in Neuquen

After recent bouts of insecurity in the capital Neuquén, the mayor of the city Marian Guido He expressed concern and indicated that they will accompany the municipal county police in referring to the work of detachments and lights to strengthen Safety.

“We are very concerned about the safety of city from Neuken. We have daily events closely related to the topic, They greet us, rob the city’s sewers. “The other day the police found the person who committed this criminal act,” the mayor told LU5, referring to the 25-meter-long robberies in more than a month that were the victims of residents of the Huilliches, Canal V and San Juan neighborhoods. .. Lawrence.

The head of the community pointed out that The authorities have been asked to reinforce security in Paseo Costeroa space enjoyed by both Neuquén and visitors, as well as in various venues.

“We need the city to have a reinforcement in plans and procedures so that we have a city that conforms,” Guido said.

The mayor indicated that he held a meeting with the provincial police authorities, during which the necessity of enhancing security in some sectors was discussed. “We were listened to, understood, and committed to strengthening security in the city,” he stressed, recalling that the authority to ensure security is the prerogative of the governorate through the police. “I’m not running away (from the problem), we sit down and plan it. We do work that we provide to the police for the detachments, the tools to provide security. “

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He indicated that they are from the municipality making an investment related to new mobile phones and motorcycles for transit, and although it is not security, it will accompany the ban.

In addition, he announced that they are investing in the purchase of 20,000 luminaires to further change the existing in the entire city. “It is not just about energy savings but for better lighting. We are also investing in all entrance gates into the city, with patents read out to make them available to the police. It is all measures of the municipality to accompany security,” Guido closed.

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