Washington Nationals series op-ed with the New York Mets, 3–2 Final: David Peterson beats Patrick Corbyn

Washington Nationals series op-ed with the New York Mets, 3--2 Final: David Peterson beats Patrick Corbyn

New York Mets‘Not a veteran David Peterson Surpassed it Patrick Corbyn In the left-wing battle at the opening of the series at Citizens Park, New York Mets He secured his first of four in the DC season finale, 3-2.

Corbin vs NYM: Patrick Corbyn She abandoned seven runs at 14 strokes at Career High in the Nationals’ 7-3 loss to Marlins Last weekend in Miami, extending a streak of seven losing starts during which the 31-year-old left (0-6) with Washington 0-7 in his matches. It had a 5.75 era and a .341 / .381 / .545 streak against 40 23 IP in this extension.

Tonight in the nation’s capital, Corbyn faced the Mets for the third time this season and for the first time since early August, when he faced NL East rivals and scored two wins in back-to-back outings in which he surrendered. (13 strokes and 5 strokes)Got four) At 11 23 IP.

Corbyn threw four goals without goals at 54 stadiums to start his final appearance in the 2020 season, then abandoned his lead Guillermo Heredia In the fifth game, the second run at home to the right Robinson Sherinos On a 3-2 launcher, Chirinos came out to the right for a counter field shot, leading 2-1 to Metz.

Singles Robinson Kano to start the sixth, and Amide Rosario He walked with one down, then beat the Grander to the right side of the Chirinos when rosy Jake Knoll It rang too far to his right to get a ball Luis Garcia could enter, and he had no one at first base to receive his throw.

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Patrick Corbyn He sped up, but turned around with a throw behind his left shoulder and trailed with a score, 3-1 Mets when Kano scored.

Dominic Smith And House of Alonso Hit consecutively, singles against Corbyn in seventh place, with a pitch of 97, and archery coach Paul Minhart went out to chat in haste. Kyle Finnegan It warms up quickly in the pen. Corbyn trailed 2–0 at Kano in the next round, but got the first hit in second place.

Stroll to Todd Frazier Download rules Amide RosarioBut short K was looking to finish a 24-degree tire that ended Corbyn’s outing with 113 shots.

Patrick Corbyn streak: 7.0 IP, 10 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 3 Ks, 1 HR, 113 P, 71 S, 10/3 GO / FO.

Peterson vs DC: It was David Peterson’s fourth league start, after making his major tournament debut on July 28, a powerful five-stroke outing at home in Cityfield where he gave up just one hit and two walks, with an unearned run while he scored He was on the hill in an 8–2 win over Nationals.

In five matches (And four starts) Since Nats last saw him, the 25-year-old (2-1) left-handed with 4.71 PM, 15 walks, 19Ks, and .200 / .341 / .360 lines versus 21 IP, but encountered Tonight’s list of Nationals that started the match with .293 / .348 / .517 lines to left this season, which has been good for 2/5/2 across the streak in disciplines.

Peterson threw out three goals in 43 throws to start the match, but gave up one RBI win Josh Harrison On the fourth after Jan Gomez Ground on second plinth with runner (Curt Suzuki) FirstAnd Robinson Cano sent her to first base instead of second base, leaving Suzuki in the center of scoring before Harrison hit 1-0.

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The score was 3–1 when the Mets were stranded Juan Soto In second place after Soto’s singles brace in sixth place, the left pitch numbered 93 overall, with only one run over three strokes on his streak.

Peterson returned to seventh with a 3–1 lead, conceding one lead in the 1-0 change to Josh Harrison, Who finished second at Jammeh Stadium with Jake Noll (1 of 2) on the board. Noll K’d swings to the 100th floor. Michael A. Taylor moved Harrison to third place with a penalty kick on the 105th floor, which is a high season, and the South took the globe from Luis Garcia with his 107th and final show of the night …

David Peterson streak: 7.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 Ks, 107 P, 68 S, 8/3 GO / FO.

Soto ❤️s New York: Juan Soto He started tonight leading the National League with 352 AVG, and had the highest SLG in NL (.703), OBP (.486), wRC + (201), and wOBA (. 478), and he did some damage against Mets in 2020, with 474 / .500 / 1.211 streak in five matches and 20 bunkers against Nationals NL East rivals where he had twice hit the doubles and four home runs. Soto went a 1-on-2 double and walked the first three times tonight, lining up 2-1 from left-hander David Peterson into the right-center gap for a two-point-base strike in sixth place versus a double. 13 out of gross and its third against Mets this season.

Soto finished the night 1-to-3 (.351 AVG) with a stroll.

Revolutionary action: Kyle Finnegan took charge of Corbyn at the top of the eighth inning, getting a straight Ks, then a fly into a foul zone in the left as Michael A. Taylor scans one of the jump over the top of the railing stroke.

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Justin Wilson Walk Tria Turner With one in half of the Nationals from eighth place, but after a battle of 12 stadiums, with two Curt Suzuki Finished with a kick, he had a 26-degree tire without goals.

Will Harris He ditched a single by JD Davis and one by Robinson Canó, but stranded the runners to keep the match 3-1.

Edwin Diaz ditched one double to the right of center by Andrew Stevenson at the bottom of ninth place. [ed. note – “Nine-game hit streak for Stevenson.”] Eric Thames chased a fast ball with one loud stroke to knock out No. 2.

Yadiel Hernandez got a double chance and led the Nationals in the second round, 3-2.

Opposite one field on a submersible 100 mph 1-2 uphill outside of Hernandez. Luis Garcia intervened after that, slipping back to second to finish it off.

The final result: 2-3 MetS

Citizens Now 23-34

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