Coronavirus News: A huge issue with the curfew revealed – “the busiest scene in the months” | United Kingdom | News

Coronavirus News: A huge issue with the curfew revealed - "the busiest scene in the months" | United Kingdom | News

Under the new rules, designed to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, all bars and restaurants must now close by 10pm every night. However, posts on social media indicate that a time when this uniform ended could have forced large numbers of people to take to the streets at the same time, increasing the risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

Kirsty Lewis, who works in the House of Commons, posted a video of the busy streets of central London on her Twitter account.

“The 10 pm curfew just means everyone goes out on the streets and on the pipes at the same time, and this was the busiest I’ve seen in central London in months,” she said.

The footage shows large numbers of people gathering around Oxford Street at 10:34 pm.

Under government advice regarding Coronavirus, people are advised to stay within two meters of each other where possible and at least one meter at all times.

The streets of London were packed after the 10 pm curfew (Photo: Twitter / @ kirstylewis6)

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“You can easily imagine how this led to an additional spread.” (Image: Getty)

Speaking to, Ms. Lewis said, “Everyone flocked to the streets. I think most people were probably socially distant from other groups, just because of the nature of the natural distances they tend to keep. But I can imagine it was a problem where They all tried to jostle to the tubes.

“I also know that a lot of people were discussing going back to their homes or apartments for more drinks instead, as they would usually stay in bars or restaurants later.

“You can easily imagine how that led to the additional spread.”

A number of Twitter users spread their anger at the situation in response.

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Revelers gathered in London’s Soho Thursday night (Image: Getty)

One commented, “A lot of people expected this to be fair.”

Another added, “The closing times of the bars have been extended to avoid the troubles of the city center which is full of drunkards in the streets at exactly the same time. The government is idiotic.”

And a third said, “Yes! Certainly, 10 pm has turned into a rush hour instead of the usual evening.”

The new restrictions were imposed after the UK saw a significant increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

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The 10 p.m. closing date for bars and restaurants came into effect on Thursday (Image: Getty)

Corona Virus

New measures have been introduced to slow the spread of COVID-19 (Image: Getty)

Another 6,634 cases were announced on Thursday, the most in a single day since the mass testing began.

An additional 40 deaths from the Coronavirus have been reported across the UK.

Bars and restaurants have been restricted to table service and those who can work from home are being urged under the government’s new guidelines.

Michael Gove, the BBC’s Cabinet Office Minister for Breakfast, said the restrictions are “a recalibration that we hope and believe will be sufficient to verify the spread.”

“We will not go back to the kinds of measures we took in the spring,” he added.

If people can work from home, they should.

“But I stress it’s very important for people whose jobs require them to be in a particular workplace.”

Plans have also been suspended for some fans to return to the stadiums for live sports.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, warned earlier this week that Britain could see 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day by mid-October unless action is taken.

He indicated that this would lead to the daily death toll rising to more than 200 by mid-November.

A number of major outbreaks have occurred at universities across the UK.

Students in Scotland have been told not to visit bars or restaurants this weekend in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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