There will be 3 million random cases in the US. Here’s what the days that led to that gloomy turning point looked like

It flooded hospitals within days, forced people to rethink their holidays and sparked a debate about reopening the school. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases is now approaching 3 million.

Although the future of the U.S. pandemic is still unclear, here’s what happened in the last few days.

Participants gathered for hours before President Donald Trump welcomed them last week on Mount Rushmore. During his remark, the president once, at the very top of his remarks, mentioned the virus, thanking those working to fight it.

The next day, Trump gave a speech on the White House South Lawn, where few guests seemed to have practiced social distancing, and many did not wear masks.

He made the false claim that 99% of coronavirus cases in America are “completely harmless.”

The beaches were crowded on the fourth of July

Some Americans changed the traditional celebration of July 4th, while others went to the beaches to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Crowds were spotted in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; New York’s Coney Island and California’s San Diego Beach. In Miami and Los Angeles, beaches were left empty after officials kept them closed for the weekend.

People waited a few hours to get tested

Many people visit testing sites in the U.S. on a daily basis, and some have to wait for hours before taking the Covid-19 test.

Covid-19 testing capacity has increased significantly since March, but the recent rise in cases is causing lengthy tests and slow results.

Some waited more than four hours on Monday at free test sites in Wisconsin, CNN subsidiary WKOW reported. Similar waiting times have been seen in New Orleans and Austin.
In Denver, the testing site at the Pepsi Center closed within hours after nearly 2,100 tests were conducted on Tuesday. About 500 people were still in line when workers stopped letting cars inside the facility, CNN affiliate KWGN reported.

Some hospitals have reached capacity

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City officials are concerned that hospitals in Houston are on the brink of flooding with coronavirus cases.
Dozens of intensive care units at Florida hospitals near Miami, Orlando and Tampa have reached capacity and there are concerns that more hospitals could be next.

The number of daily hospitalizations in many states is growing, which is why resources including staff, beds and ventilators are critical.

In the Texas valley of Rio Grande, a hospital in the town of Weslaco set up a tent outside to cope with the influx of patients from Covid-19, CNN branch of KVEO reported.

A debate erupted over the reopening of the school

Teachers protested in front of central Florida County Public Schools in Orange.

The debate over how schools will reopen in the fall has intensified this week amid concerns about the coronavirus.

Florida was ordered to reopen schools in August, “at least five days a week for all students,” according to the state education department.

Teachers at some of Florida’s largest schools are pushing back and gathering to protest.

Meanwhile, Trump is putting pressure on governors to reopen the school this fall.

“We’re going to put a lot of pressure on governors and everyone else to open schools to open them,” Trump said at a White House event on Tuesday.

MLS is returning despite concerns about the coronavirus

San Jose Earthquakes players and other teams have been tested several times since arriving in Orlando.
The entire team withdrew, some players gave up, and some matches of the first day of the MLS major tournaments of the MLS Back tournament were postponed.

The league-modified tournament in Orlando, Florida, is set to begin Wednesday after more than a dozen people, including FC Dallas and Nashville SC players, tested positive for the virus.

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