Want to share your Netflix password? Here’s what you risk

Those who love movies and TV series only have one word on their mind: Netflix. This is the opinion of more than 203 million users around the world who chose the contents of the American company to spend their free time.

What can happen with the account

The epidemic that has lasted for more than a year and locked up half the world has apparently done nothing but increase the “consumption” of this platform which has seen its subscribers grow exponentially. However, the downside is the computer was stolen before Hacker Those who infiltrate not only watch movies and TV series for free but to gain access to the full range of information contained in the personal files: addresses, credit cards and various personal information if the account password matches the password used for the current online account. It is at this point that the stakes can become really high. How can you protect yourself and eliminate any risk? Here are six steps to avoid any problems.

The password should not be shared

To allow friends and relatives to enjoy the same service at no cost, your password is often connected Netflix account. Nothing could be more wrong, according to Avira, a company that is part of the IT security sector for private users: Sharing it with someone also means granting access to the entire account and related information. sensitive Contained therein. If you are not paying the utmost attention, using the password, you can access and change the settings as well as tick a box to disconnect all connected devices. To perform a new login, it will be necessary to enter the new password and anyone with the credentials can block access to the legitimate owner. At this point, the solution might be to reset the password via the link sent to your personal mailbox, but the login credentials used should not be the same as the ones that have already been hacked on the Netflix account.

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Use different passwords

If you use the same password to access multiple accounts, the risk of a breach and a data breach increases dramatically: in this particular case, if Netflix syncs with the bank account or with other sensitive accounts, the risk becomes serious. It is true that setting and remembering different passwords for each service can be a daunting task, but it can be exploited Programs A specialist called “Password managers“You could generate it and remember it to the user. Or, if you are never wrong, write it in a notebook or diary ready to open when memory plays a trick on us.

Unlink accounts from devices

The third mistake you shouldn’t commit to is forgetting to temporarily disconnect your account from a used device: All too often, in fact, on smart TVs in hotel rooms, it is possible to find Netflix accounts connected to former clients with the risk that malicious people can access them. The user’s email and phone number. It becomes essential, and in a very simple way, that you always remember Disconnect Account from devices that you only use for a certain period of time that you do not own: To do this, simply click “Account” in the upper right of the Netflix page and select “Log out on all devices“.

Watch out for “strange” emails

Another tip is to watch out for fake emails. Netflix is, in fact, one of the world’s primary targets for attacks of this kind: fake emails designed to invite recipients to Click Get a link that launches malware or push a receipt online and then enter your account credentials and bank details on a bogus site. Before proceeding, you should always check the link in the address bar and the presence of the padlock that indicates a secure connection, as well as watch out for any typos that often serve as an obvious alarm bell. Then, to avoid any doubts, you should never contact links on emails but rather access them directly from the site.

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Check the contents

Netflix stores it Historical Contents used to provide advice based on user preferences. However, the option can also be used to check if someone else has used the account without the owner’s knowledge. By selecting the option “Content viewing activitiesYou can check if there are titles in the list that you haven’t seen yourself. Most of the time, the presence of unknown programs is a sign of a hacked account.

Use a secure network

Finally, another precaution to keep in mind is to avoid accessing Netflix in every way from a device connected to a public Wi-Fi network: For a professional hacker, it becomes like toys for children, at this point, to enter personal or account data. . use VPN (Virtual Private Network) To watch Netflix it will encrypt (hide) your traffic and Will prevent The device is accessed by hackers. In fact, a VPN creates a secure internal connection from the device we’re connecting to and the traffic gets routed to a virtual tunnel that encrypts it, and also hides the user’s IP address and makes it nearly impossible for criminals to follow the truth. Real IP address and location. As you can see, having a basic minimum of computer science and computational knowledge is sufficient to continue enjoying TV series without being exposed to any hypothetical risk.

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