Waltrop THW members offer assistance in the Euskirchen

True, the media calmed down about the disaster areas. But there is still a lot to do. The guys from THW Waltrop can tell you a thing or two about it.

The workers at THW had a lot to do on site. © THW Waltrop

This week, members of the local Waltrop chapter of Technical Relief (THW) set out for Euskirchen — because there’s still an incredible amount to do on site in flooded areas, as photos show THW people accepted.

Waltrop’s management group, called the Zugtrupp (ZTr), will handle the tactical technical coordination and handling of operations in the Euskirchen region and will serve as management of the operations division, explains Thomas Kästner of THW. Along with Simon Shulkin, Alexander Ost, and Dr. Kevin Gottschling opened in Rhineland – for a planned five-day period.

Waltrop THW members are back in aid measures. © THW Waltrop © THW Waltrop

By the way, working for THW is an honorary position. Bosses have to lay off their employees to do assignments. Technical Relief Organization compensates them for lost wages. Those who can’t break free at work often agree to help out on the weekend. Currently there are helpers from local THW associations in the surrounding cities: our colleagues in Cassrup-Rauxel also help in the Euskirchen region and especially in Bad Münstereifel, while the Lüners also lend a helping hand in Bad Münstereifel and surrounding communities.

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