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Close end to the walking Dead, Somewhat.

Zombie apocalypse series based on Robert KirkmanThe comic strips in 2022 end with an extended 11th season.

However, fans of the higher-rated small-screen show shouldn’t have to worry too much about losing the parent show. AMC It has already given the green light for a new file TWD Spinoff starring a fan favorite Norman Reedus And Melissa McBride In their roles as Daryl Dixon and Carol Pelletier. Created before TWD Show Angela Kang And Deadverse Content Manager Scott M. GimpleThis series, which has not yet been named, is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

As announced in this year Corona Virus By virtual comic deception, the epidemic was delayed TWD The Season 10 Final will now air as a special on October 4 with 10 additional episodes on the air in 2021 for the current tournament. Tear off a page from the operating manual which I used AMC at the end mad Men And Too bad, The eleventh and final season of the blockbuster movie once TWD It will run over two years for a total of 24 episodes.

“Ten years have passed bye,” said Gimple of the show, which debuted on Halloween 2010, “What awaits us are two more and the stories and stories to tell afterward.”

“I look forward to engaging with our illustrious writers, producers, directors and crew to bring this epic final chapter of the Robert Kirkman story to our fans over the next two years” of Gimple at the start of Season 9. ”Kang, who took over as Show Director at TWD said.the walking Dead The main series has been my creative home for a decade now, so it’s a bit bitter to end it, but I’ve never been more excited to work with Scott Gimple and AMC to develop a new series for Daryl and Carol. ”Working with Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride has been one of the highlights of my career. Professional, and I am delighted that we keep telling the stories together. “

In addition to the current subprograms of the Daryl and Carol series Fear of walking dead, Its sixth season begins on October 11, and the two-season YA Show begins on October 4 The Walking Dead: A World BeyondAnd AMC and Gimple to develop a Tales of the Walking Dead Anthology series. Occasional in form, Tales It will likely focus on individual characters from the distinctly vast Deadverse, the new and the old.

More TWD The shows are at various stages of discussion too, I hear, although there’s no indication that Negan series or Maggie Rheee is one of them. After going out TWD In 2018 for ABC’s short-range broadcast network rises Whiskey cavalier Lauren Cohan returns as Maggie TWD For the remainder of Kirkman and the Gale Anne Hurd EP it will feature season ten and possibly eleventh. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrayed Negan and this season has switched from his killer villain role to that of a statesman larger than the survivors, a mature move into a part of his own perhaps. Notably, in addition to Negan’s recently published stand-up comedy solo, Morgan and his wife Hillary Burton hosted TWD Casting an intense six-episode virtual talk show Friday night in with the Morgans This summer is on AMC.

Additionally, there is still a trio of Rick Grimes’ Adventures on the big screen, starring Andrew Lincoln, which is in the screenplay stage at Universal.

The Walking Dead Comics series ends after 13 years

In many ways, even as the series continues to be the biggest thing on AMC, it’s a finale TWD makes sense. For one thing, Kirkman off screen suddenly ended TWD comics after 193 releases in 2019.

On screen, the lead guy left Lincoln a couple of years ago and now the Marvel Universe’s regular Danai Gurira is off the stage, so to speak, In March of this year. While the door has never been completely closed for Gurira’s Michonne, who goes to search for Grimes after a mysterious helicopter wounded a wounded vice-sheriff in Season 9’s fifth episode, it was clear that the focus of the series had shifted to CAA repped Reedus and UTA as McBride’s characters – Even more so with both actors signing lucrative new contracts in recent years.

On another level, TWD It will come to an end as AMC finally heads to trial in April 2021 against original showmaker Frank Darabont and in 2013 the CAA launched a recent $ 300 million profit-sharing lawsuit against the cabler. While the COVID-19 coronavirus delayed the trial, AMC scored a major legal win earlier this summer in sharing other earnings with Kirkman and others. TWD (EP). After a mini-trial in March, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Buckley decided On July 22 That if Kirkman did not like the “clear language” deal he signed years ago and the resulting revised gross receipts and imputed license fees, that was his problem, not AMC’s.

No appeal has yet been filed in this case, which is moving to another stage dealing with other non-contract issues in the next few months – a whole other kind of an anthology series of its own.

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