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VIVO – (from top to bottom) Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo and Juan by Marcos Gonzalez as Andrés. © 2021 SPAI. All rights reserved.

Coming straight to Netflix vivo, the animated film co-produced with Sony Animation that will bring joy, color and loads of music to the homes of subscribers. The film features a highly regarded artistic crew, starting with the Academy Award-nominated director in the CroodsAnd Kirk Demico (See our interview), along with Brandon Jeffords. The prominent name of the production is Lin-Manuel Miranda, a real goose that lays golden eggs for Hollywood, in recent years, and is in the room with Sognando New York – In the HighlandsFilm based on the musical of the same name.

Also on this occasion, Miranda puts her talent at the service of a musical story, telling of music as a key link to the essential bonds in everyone’s life: whether it is between a father and his daughter, between two silent lovers who never had the courage to declare one another, or that even Harmony between humans and animals, even if they do not speak the same language, they understand each other.

VIVO . conspiracy

vivo He is the name of a cute little student (a tiny inhabitant of the tropical forests), who spends his days playing music in a lively square in Havana with his beloved owner/friend Andres. Although they do not speak the same language, Vivo and Andrés are a perfect duo thanks to the passion for music that unites them. But tragedy strikes them shortly after an invitation arrives from the famous Marta Sandoval to attend her farewell party to be held in Miami, hoping to see her old partner again. It’s up to Vivo to deliver the message Andres has always kept secret: a love letter to Marta, written long ago in song form. In order to get to Miami, Vivo will have to accept the help of Gabe, an energetic girl with her own rhythm.

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VIVO – (LR) Ynairaly Simo as Gabi and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo. © 2021 SPAI. All rights reserved.

vivo It’s something special on the road, messy in some ways, because it is imbued with the spirit of this cute hero, Gabe, the little girl who can’t find her place in the world, but will find a friend in this cute little animal. Detailing mourning, soul-searching, and the ability to love and listen to oneself are the great themes that flow beneath the surface of a tumultuous, colorful, and reckless history.

And of course the songs in the movie are the beating heart of the story. Lin-Manuel Miranda immerses himself, creating a piece of music that ranges between genres, adapting not only the characters of the characters who sing and interpret songs from time to time, but also paying homage to the typical rhythms of the geographies in which he is moving. The result is rich, varied, refined and innovative, just like VIVO.

If the film rests technically and visually on very good but uniform standards, without certain flashes, it is the spirit of VIVO that defines its beauty and character.

Crew of voice actors booth

theThe Italian version of VIVO offers some exceptional elements: stash, head of the multi-platinum band The Kolors (vocals and guitar), songwriter and producer, interprets all songs of original protagonist Vivo, Massimo Lopez, actor, voice actor, TV presenter and member of the famous trio “Lopez, Marchesini, Solenghi”, dubbing Andres into songs and dialogues, while Simona BenciniThe singer and historical presenter of “Dirotta su Cuba” is the translator of the songs of Marta Sandoval, to whom the song Andrés is dedicated.

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VIVO – (LR) Ynairaly Simo as Gabi and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo. © 2021 SPAI. All rights reserved.

As for the original version, instead, Lin-Manuel Miranda is the master, dubbing, singing and voice-over, the cute-furred protagonist, and with him there Zoe Saldana (Rosa), Juan de Marcos (Andres), Brian Terry Henry (Dancarino), Michael Rucker (fighter), Nicole Byer (Valentina), Gloria Estefan (Marta) For the first time on screens, Innery Simo (Gabi).

Dance and sing to the tunes of South America, at an unbridled pace, vivo It gives you a fun and light visual experience with a good dose of heart, and it’s a great way to be together as a family.

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