Visa for Colombian tourists in Australia: where and how to request it

These seem to be difficult times for travelers who want to explore other countries for them The continuous rise of the dollar against the Colombian peso and health restrictions still in place in some destinations due to COVID-19.

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Australia is one of the places that receives the largest number of visitors every year, but Also one of the most urgent requirements. For example, you must have a file Minimum money in your account To start the visa process.

Before applying for a visitor visa, In the category of tourist (subclass 600)It is important to know that it can be used for a business trip, visits to relatives and medical treatments.

Visa for Colombian tourists in Australia: How to apply

With this document, tourists can stay on Australian soil for a period of Duration 3, 6 or 12 months. The visa can be granted for multiple or single entries, it all depends on the circumstances in which it is requested.

Visitor visa applications are submitted through this page ImmiAccount. Once you are registered there, you can perform the following actions:

  • Apply for a visa or citizenship “online”.
  • Check the status of the application online.
  • Connect with the saved application online.
  • Attach supporting documents in the ‘Attach Documents’ option.
  • Access to the “My Health Declarations” service.

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How much visa For Colombian tourists in Australia

The procedure that all travelers must do individually regardless of whether they are traveling in a group, Worth 380 Australian dollarswhich is equivalent to 1,168,382 Colombian pesos.

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How long does a Colombian tourist visa take in Australia?

Visa processing times have been extended due to the emergency for COVID-19. Waiting depends on the percentage of applications the embassy has, but It may take anywhere between 16 days and 4 months.

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