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Lauren Bell He is the young owner of a shop in Pennsylvania And the daughter of an agent Gripping How do In a fast-spreading video she shares the safety tips for women that her father has taught her over the years that she even helped save her life on one occasion.

In her post, the girl revealed how her father warns her, who always reminds her of this “Question everything and everyone”He led her to the observation of a subject that he pursued through a store near her home, studied every detail of her appearance, and finally managed to escape by anticipating her movements when he tried to approach her in the parking lot.

To propagate her father’s teachings, Lauren used a popular trend in Where people write messages to their loved ones on comfortable backgrounds, and hide them as fake inspirational quotes loaded with relevant information like this one. Stay alert at all times a Don’t go out too late at night or very early in the morning.

One of the tips when leaving is as Always be aware of your surroundingsAnd “Never turn your back to the door.” a “You always worry about what’s in your head, not what you have in it.”, Which is always applied is “Ask for bottled drinks because they are harder to drink.”.

Regarding the mace, a kind of self-defense spray, father Lauren Always indicates that “It is better to have it on hand, not in your bag.” Because it will not work if it is not reached quickly. “If you think they are following you, turn four times to the right.”Another tip is to find out if someone is hot on your heels.

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Seasoned Agent of United States Secret Service She also recommends “Don’t leave the house with your headphones.” And that “Someone you trust must always know where we are at all times.”; However, what differed in the opinion of his daughter’s followers was the reference to this “Men never ask for help”The British newspaper reported .

What Lauren’s father relies on on this point, as the author of a book explained from , Is that yes “The man who targeted a woman asks her to help him with something, perhaps the method of approaching her and lowering her caution” a “If you’ve been shopping and bumping into someone many times, it’s probably not a coincidence.”.

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