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| The top of the Scex Rouge, located in the Swiss Alps, became the site of a concert by a DJ known as Teho. Achievement and sharing are recorded , As it didn’t take long for the viral to spread.

In just two days, the clip accumulated Nearly 100,000 plays and dozens of commentaries from passionate electronic music fansWho congratulated the performance of the artist.

In words to Reuters, Teho said he forgot his fear of heights when he started using the remote. He added, “The first moments on stage, without any protective barriers, were really special.”

Show on the mountain, Which has a height of approximately 3000 metersThanks to Le Cercle, the company that works Flows In strange places.

“I hope Le Cercle can make more great presentations. With the COVID-19 crisis, these kinds of shows have been in the pastOne user said.

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