View | Mitch McConnell out of match: “Kelly and David are getting hit”

But this news doesn’t just tell us that Republicans are upset about this failure. The possibility that this played a major role in moving Republicans also confirms how Unlikely They have to help the economy and the country next year, if they keep control of the Senate.

Manu Raju from CNN Reports That in the call with Senators from the Republican Party on Wednesday, the Senate Majority Leader said the lack of stimulus payments had become a big problem in the run-off:

“Kelly and David are knocked” on this issue, the source, who heard his remarks, said, referring to the current Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, both of whom face Democratic rivals.

It is true that McConnell did not explicitly say that this was the direct cause of the sudden new movement toward a bargain. But, like Jake Sherman from Politico mentionedMcConnell tied the emerging deal to the political needs of two Georgia senators.

In fact, recent history pretty much shows what really happened here.

The overarching truth about this debate is that Democrats have long been pushing for more generous stimulus and supplemental unemployment insurance payments that are larger than this current package. By contrast, Republicans pushed for far less than what is currently covered.

The leadership of the US Congress met on December 15 to work on a massive government funding bill and end the standoff over coronavirus relief. (Reuters)

In the new proposal, incentive checks were reported to be between $ 600 and $ 700, which is half of the $ 1,200 congressional bill approved in the big package last spring. Since then, Democrats have been pushing for the larger sum to continue, but Republicans (with a few exceptions) were not prepared to support it.

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Meanwhile, the new proposal is said to include $ 300 in weekly supplemental unemployment benefits, which is half of the $ 600 in Proposal last spring. Here again, the Democrats have continued to push for an even bigger sum. (The new proposal also lacks much-needed help for state and local governments.)

What has changed? Well, as a matter of fact, Kelly and David have already been hit on this issue. Their Democratic opponents, Raphael Warnock and John Usoff, have made numerous announcements – see HereAnd the Here And the Here The Republicans were hit for not passing more economic aid.

It is clearly evident that this pressure is the main reason that Senate Republicans are now moving towards supporting the economic relief package (which is already far less than the country needs). In fact, as of late this month, McConnell was Still adamant On a smaller package, one does not include supplemental unemployment assistance.

The key question before us now, as we look to the run-offs that will decide who controls the Senate next year, is: What does continued Republican control mean, and what would it mean if the Democrats took control instead?

We always knew the answer: Continued Republican control means there’s almost no chance of anything close to what we’ll need in new stimulus spending and economic aid next year, when the resulting economic damage and misery, if any, could turn out to be something much worse. .

McConnell now clearly hopes that passing this settlement proposal will obscure this basic fact. But, since the transformation only came after Kelly and David “hit”, no one should be fooled – or let go.

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