Video. The CEO of the football club in Finland asks for help to sign Messi

Aki Rehlahti, CEO of HJK ​​Helsinki, has become famous in recent hours for being asked in a very unique way about Messi’s passing for the club.

It seems that all the ways Messi Outside F.C.B They drive to Paris, the capital of France.

The PSG headquarters is located, which is the team from which he will theoretically sign; Pep Guardiola has already said that he is not going to step forward in public.

Taking advantage of Messi’s media meltdown, several teams have already expressed interest in the Argentine.

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The vast majority chose the burning “liberation” to show that Leo “signs,” or that he should, for this or that team.

This resource was also spent last European summer, but despite this, many continued to do it … some Leo fans still liked it, but most of them were already indifferent.

However, there are still people who dare to be different.

Moreover. Aki Riihilahti, a former Crystal Palace footballer, is now the CEO of HJK ​​Helsinki, one of the most legendary clubs in the Scandinavian country.

Rehilahti took to making a street video in a very simple and entertaining way to attract investors and interested so that Messi plays with HJK.

His video has already gone viral and the club’s fans have taken it with good humor.

Will there be any more creative requests for Messi over the next few hours? Let’s hope so, while the inevitable is only confirmed.

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If you think that Rehlahti was played a thousand years ago in the palace, nothing could be wrong; He once prevented Arsenal “The Invincibles” from winning at Selhurst Park with one of his goals. As they say in England, he is a true “cult hero” for the “Vultures”.

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