Video: The new US climate policy is already remarkable

The new US climate policy is already remarkable

The United States officially returned to the Paris climate agreement on Friday. Former Secretary of State John Kerry was recently appointed as a commissioner for climate in the United States, and in a digital meeting with the United Nations, he said: “With humility and ambition we will rejoin international efforts to combat climate change. Humbly because we know we have, we have lost four years without America sitting at the table. And because we know that no country or continent is doing enough. ” The United States was the only country out of 200 countries to emerge from the 2015 agreement. The fact that the White House is adopting a different tone in climate policy under the new administration became evident at least a few days ago: Press spokeswoman Liz Sherwood Randall said that extreme weather conditions in Texas showed once. Other “climate change is real and has long been.” It also contradicted the representation of the Texas senator, who said that reducing fossil energy sources was the cause of blackouts in the current cold wave. For nearly five days, millions of people in Texas were provided with electricity and water and at least twelve deaths have been reported so far, but authorities believe that not everyone who fell victim to the bitter winter has been found. President Biden has pledged to support Texas to visit the area but only if that does not mean any additional burden on the hard-working emergency services at the site. Since taking office at the end of January, Biden has already signed several decrees to combat climate change and have called on all federal authorities to help shape the nation’s climate policy. His government, according to Biden’s promise, will define the path to climate neutrality by 2050. United Nations Secretary-General Guterres has said a “warm welcome” to the US Climate Commissioner, as the next UN Climate Conference will be held in November in Glasgow, Scotland.


On February 19, the United States officially reverted to the Paris climate agreement. When dealing with exceptional situations like the winter mayhem in Texas, the new government’s climate policy is already clear.

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