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United State s United kingdom They alerted this Saturday to Russia Of the “serious consequences” of its forces’ eventual incursion UkraineAnd At the beginning of the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries St. 7.

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heads British diplomacyLiz Truss and American Anthony Blinken met ahead of this weekend’s summit in Liverpool in which they concluded that “any incursion by Russia would be a strategic mistake with grave consequences,” the British Foreign Office said in a statement.

Both also highlighted the need to “defend and promote freedom and democracy”, as well as the importance of the G7 showing a united front in this regard.

tension between Kiev Moscow has increased in recent days due to the increased Russian military presence on the border, which has drawn criticism at the international level.

US President Joe Biden and his allies have threatened to take “strong” measures in response to what they see as a possible attack by Moscow Against the Ukrainian lands, though the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir Putin, he blamed NATO for trying to strengthen its relations with Kiev, something that would have upset him.

Moscow stressed the need for Washington to ensure that it does not form a military alliance with new members or deploy weapons systems in areas close to its borders, describing the government as “irresponsible.” OTAN To insist on its expansion around the Ukrainian border and the deployment of “threatening weapons” near Russian territory.

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Indeed, Russia has denounced a significant increase in NATO’s military presence in the region black sea, what includes warships With missiles on board, strategic US aircraft, and large-scale exercises, some of them unscheduled.

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