Video: Malaysian authorities crush 1,069 cryptocurrency mining rigs with steam controller.

How do authorities get rid of confiscated cryptocurrency mining rigs? In a town in Sarawak, Malaysia, authorities disposed of 1,069 diggers in one go by crushing them with a steam cart, reports say. vice.

According to the Malaysian publication Dayak DailyThe common points were confiscated during six raids carried out between February and April of this year. Sarawak Energy Berhad, the Malaysian province’s electricity company, accuses mining operators of stealing electricity for their operations. The operators reportedly stole RM8.4 million worth of energy, or about US$2 million, from the company.

People who are serious about cryptocurrency mining like Bitcoin and theEthereum Using computers designed for this purpose, the process usually consumes a large amount of electricity. That’s why it’s not surprising that energy theft is commonly reported in places where miners work. In Ukraine, for example, the country’s security service raided a mining operation that used PS4 Pro as machines, and the operators were also accused of stealing electricity from the country’s power grid. Malaysian city police chief Hakim Hawari told the Dayak Daily that power theft for mining operations was so prevalent this year that three homes were torched due to illegal electrical hookups.

You can see the steam roller crushing mining rigs in the video below. If you’re wondering, computers crashed 5.3 million Malaysian ringgit ($1.26 million).

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